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Design Studio

Concept Artist - Danny Morison -
Sculpting - James Sherriff -
Painting Demo - Adam Cooper (Using Army Painter products)
Airbrushing - Steve Puffer (Barwell Body Works)
Airbrushing - Jamie Tranter (Rubico Models)

Seminars (Confirmed)
Mr John Stallard
Mr Rick Priestley
Mr Gav Thorpe



Participation Games

Gav Thorpe - Big Stompy Robot Project (10mm)
White Dragon Miniatures - Shattered Void
Hysterical Games - Panzerfauste
Goblin King Games - Moonstone
Warlord Games - Antares - Kar'a Nine (28mm)
Spartan Games - Firestorm - Armada & Planetfall
Grantham Strategy & Gaming - Witch Racing
Helion Publishing - Armada 1588
Warlords (St Albans) - 1st Battle of St Albans (War of the Roses) - Lion Rampant
Shellhole Scenics - Hunt for Pancho Villa (20mm) Mexican Revolution
Leicester Phat Cats - Falklands War - Mount Longdon (20mm) Skirmish
Leicester Phat Cats - Konflikt '47
Macclesfield Wargames - Carnage City Chronicles
Bicorne Miniatures - English Civil War - The Kingdom is ours
Mantic Games - The Walking Dead - All Out War

Display Games
Lenton Gamers - Various
Barely legal Wargamers - Bolt Action - Scheldt
Derby Wargamers - War of the three Kings - Siege of Athlone 



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Nottingham Tennis Centre

University Boulevard, Nottingham

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